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Some common computer issues that we resolve.

Desktop Repair Services

Stucked at Logo? Black screen? Blue screen? does not boot up? Consult us for a Desktop diagnose now!

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Have an old PC that is operating slowly? Even new ones do! Upgrade your PC to an SSD with more RAM space to gain the maximum performance back from your PC! Don't trash it as it will break your wallet again to get a new one!

Your PC or Laptop is not working

These days it’s been seen many complex issues in Laptops / PCs and these happen usually due to heating problem, laptop configuration not compatible with running software, sudden accident/ damage, etc, somtime not working some internet part and many others. These techinical faults are not usually resolvable, thus require a skilled technician. We takes pride of having the best Computer Repair engineers in KL and Penang. Having well skilled and experienced teams, we offer computer service all over KL and PENANG.

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Our company provides recycling of your discarded computers and mobile phones, let us make sure the environment is cleaner.

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