PC & Mobile Phone Repair, Upgrade In Malaysia

Laptop Replacement

Repair your Laptop Broken Screen, Speaker, Keyboard, or a damaged logicboard or water damaged logicboard

Desktop Replacement

We Repair All New Or Old PC. Can't Turn On? Blue Screen? Black Screen? Loading Half Way? Over Heat?

Phone Replacement

Mobile battery doesn't last? Cracked Mobile Screen? Or Couldn't boot up your Mobile? Mobile Stucked At Logo?

Tablet Replacement

Tablet battery doesn't last? Cracked Tablet Screen? Or Couldn't boot up your Tablet? Tablet Stucked At Logo?

Data Recovery

We know your data is most valuable and at 9TB Technology, our goal is provide reliabe, fast and affordable data recovery solutions while providing an outstanding customer experience.

Network Solution

Setting up of department servers
Setting up of eMail server
Setting up of web server
Setting up of database server
Setting up spam protection server

Mobile Phone Replacements

We fix all your broken and faulty iPhone, iPad and MacBook Motherboard rather than change the whole motherboard which can preserve your data. LCD Replacement/ Line Service/ Line Searching/ Home Button Replacement/ iC Touch/ iC Audio/ Water Damage/ Battery Replacement/ Phone Body Kit Changing/ Buzzer Speaker/ Ear Speaker/ Camera/ Camera Blank/ Lens/ Lockscreen/ Run Software/ Stuck logo and other phone problems.

Laptop Repair & Upgrade

Your laptop may be slow or cracked, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace it. Through heavy use, your notebook will collect a ton of exess files and programs, not to mention some literal dust. The parts will age and software updates will become more demanding.

Why choose us?

9TB TECHNOLOGY provide the most professional computer and telephone repair services, our team is professional and technical personnel with more than ten years of repair experience. We can correctly judge the problem you encounter and provide the best quality service.

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Our company provides recycling of your discarded computers and mobile phones, let us make sure the environment is cleaner.

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