Our Personal Computer(PC) Repair Experiences

We offer personal computer(PC)/desktop computer repair services to small and medium businesses. We also offer onsite and in-home computer repairs, which means we can come to your house or office to fix your PC. Alternatively, you can also send your faulty computers to us for repair. We can repair any computer. We have been operating since 2013 and have repaired many computers ever since. Our track record of repairing PC/desktop computers included the following:

Fixed software problems such as Windows and Blue Screen of Death(BSoD)

Fixed hardware problems such as hard disk, motherboard, graphics card, etc.

Hardware repair and keyboard replacements

Virus removal and data recovery

Computer hardware upgrade resulting in performance upgrade

Hardware and software installation services

Data recovery

Fixed networking problems of the PC

Fixed security issues with the PC

Helped customer with setting up wireless access and networking for the office.

For PC repair in Malaysia, just count on us to get your computer repaired efficiently. We have an excellent track record of fixing laptop and PC problems. Just send your laptops to use and we will fix them for you. Call or whatsapp us today at 019-6368001 to get a free quote! We will be happy to assist you.

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